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Review: Just For You – Chapters 1 – 4

Just For You” is the second part of Shiro_Kabocha’s “Just For Love” series (see my post about part 1 “Just For Now”). After the exploits of the week Katsuki and Izuku spent together we get the aftermath told from Katsuki’s perspective. If I thought that the first series was amazing (and I do) I was blown away by the emotional roller coaster this second series has taken me on. And we’re only four chapters in!

Chapter 1

Katsuki let his fear and pride stop him from telling Izuku how much the week–how much HE–meant to him. So, they begin a new school year as 3rd year students, as “friends.” Even though they both want so much more but neither will come out and say it.

Katsuki struggles to figure out how to be a friend to his former best friend/now rival/love of his life. He takes it slow hoping that Izuku will recognize his changes but enter Shoto. Damn damn Shoto. Ever watchful, Shoto notices that there’s something different between Katsuki and Izuku now and it kick starts his efforts to get Izuku to notice him as more than just a friend.

Poor Katsuki doesn’t even stand a chance. He and Izuku have such a complicated relationship and the bullying that Katsuki has inflicted on Izuku over the years (instead of dealing with his emotions in a healthy way) is a root cause for all of their confusion.

Chapter 2

Ok this chapter tore my heart apart. After reading it, I immediately took to Twitter to whine. 😩

Shoto and Izuku became a thing and Katsuki had to find out not by Izuku telling him but by inadvertently interrupting them in bed together. My heart hurt so much for him. The guy he’s pining for sleeping with and dating the guy he absolutely despises. Izuku didn’t talk to him about dating, he didn’t talk to him about his internship. I think that’s what hurt Katsuki the most. Yeah, Izuku’s sleeping with someone else but it was the little intimate things that they didn’t share anymore. It set him off.

Katsuki didn’t do himself any favors later when he vindictively and drunkenly decided to dance with Izuku at a party. Blatantly and seductively swaying in front of Shoto. Then almost getting into a drunk fight with Izuku.

It shouldn’t have been surprising to me when Shoto later told him to stay away from Izuku, to stop being friends. It just pissed me off that yeah Katsuki and Izuku have a rocky past but they’d chosen to be in each others’ lives. Shoto took that away, took that choice away from Izuku when he threatened Katsuki’s future in order to keep him away. No matter what good boyfriend intentions he thought he had, it wasn’t his place. Yeah, I was broken after this chapter. LOL

Chapter 3 AKA “Katsuki needs some stress relief and if he can’t have Izuku, substitutes will do.” 😏

Katsuki continues to abide by the threat to be unfriendly to Izuku in order to protect his future career prospects. You just know that his heart is breaking more and more each day. 😞

With the 3rd year stress hitting everyone it isn’t surprising to see that Katsuki goes looking for relief. There’s only so much that he can handle himself without it being effective. Aoyama, Kaminari and Kirishima become willing substitutes but Katsuki knows it just isn’t the same. Izuku can’t be replaced but that isn’t a road he can travel. So agonizing!

Later in the chapter came the midterm competition and the fights were described SO WELL!!!!!! Izuku punched a hole in Shoto’s ego by defeating him in the first round with little effort. He pretended to be putting in more work than he was but Katsuki, knowing Izuku better than anyone, could read the movements.

The final round fight of Izuku vs Katsuki was so canonically written. Of course these two rivals who’ve watched and fought against each other countless times would be able to predict what the other would do and manipulate their weaknesses. Izuku and Katsuki gave their ALL and as a by-product ended up repairing some of their friendship. It was EPIC!

(Side note. The nicknaming of Kaminari as Pikachu was gold! LOL)

Chapter 4 AKA “Katsuki is ready to risk IT ALL”

I have read this chapter AT LEAST 5 times and I enjoy it more and more each time I do. 😂

There’s rockiness in Shoto/Izuku land due to the outcomes of the midterm matches. Katsuki makes a ballsy ass move and lends an ear to Izuku to let him vent. It’s an off limits move but he goes for it. And in a way it pays off. They’re on speaking terms again and even share an intimate moment with Izuku giving Katsuki a therapeutic hand massage.

With the school year winding down the class heads into the Pro Hero Licensing exam and Katsuki pretty much says “FUCK IT!” In the BALLSYEST MOVE EVER he takes advantage of an alone moment with Izuku during the exam. He kisses, he confesses, he leads Izuku down the path of figuring out that Shoto was keeping them apart. The fact that Deku didn’t run and suggests that they work TOGETHER 2-on-1 to fight Shoto in the exam. AAFJWJEHWGSJS!!! I wanted to run around in circles while reading it!!!!

I can’t wait to see where the story goes next. I’m a little afraid though since there are six chapters to go. 😅

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