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Review: Just For You – Chapter 5

Chapter 5 was released this morning. It’s a shorter chapter than others but it’s still a good read and gave me lots to think about. This one is told from Shoto’s point of view, something that we haven’t had up to this point. It is the break-up that I suspected was coming but I was also anxious reading this because I wasn’t sure how it would go down. Would it be an angry breakup? Would Izuku back down? I’m happy with the way it happened.

Izuku loves Shoto and Shoto loves him. I’m sad to see Izuku sad. From that standpoint, I feel a little for Shoto but his actions led to this and he thought it would all just work out. Izuku acknowledged that he hurt Shoto (and Katsuki) and admitted that he can’t get Katsuki out of his mind. Shoto again showed that he only knows one side of Katsuki, granted that is also on Katsuki because he’s very gruff and let’s few people close to him. In that vein, yeah he wanted to protect Izuku from further hurt but he didn’t really trust Izuku to do what was best for himself. Shoto isn’t evil, he’s misguided and has a lot to learn (not unlike a lot of us in high school and beyond). He sees everything in black and white when there are shades of grey in real life.

I love the way Izuku handled confronting Shoto about what he’d done to Katsuki. “There’s no way you’d interfere with people I care about, RIGHT??!!!” LOL In a firm way he let him know that he would never forgive him for hurting anyone important to him. Meaning “DO NOT COME FOR KATSUKI AFTER THIS!” LOL Shoto is hurt, though, so I am hoping that he doesn’t lash out but time will tell.

I appreciate that Izuku knows that he’s not in a good emotional state and needs to take some time for himself. Rebounding and going directly into Katsuki’s arms would just be destructive. The next day, though, is the fated day that Izuku said he’d talk to Katsuki again. These two REALLY need to talk, put everything out on the table. Why the bullying? How do they move forward? What do they move forward as? How do they rebuild what’s been broken? With it also being four days away from his new job orientation, how will Izuku handle it. How will Shoto? Will Katsuki end up working for the same company?! OH, for that matter what are the three of them going to do at commencement in two days??!! There is so much that needs to be handled. AASDASNKDANSAI

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