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Review: Just For You – Chapter 7

Chapter 7 of Just For You was released overnight. Katsuki and Izuku finally had THE TALK. It wouldn’t have happened if Izuku hadn’t pushed it as Katsuki was so geared up to let his pain/anger/pride just push Izuku away. No matter that he didn’t know when they would see each other again. I mean Katsuki even slammed the door in Izuku’s face TWICE! After Izuku unsuccessflly tried calling him and even contacted Katsuki’s mom to get his address. Izuku was stubborn enough to push his way into Katsuki’s place (with beer. Loved the parallel to chapter 4 when Katsuki brought Izuku beer.) and forced Katsuki to talk. Thank the heavens for Izuku’s stubbornness cause left to his own devices, Katsuki’s pride would be his downfall.

The time away was good for Izuku. It gave him the time and space he needed to think. To figure out what he needed away from Katsuki’s and Shoto’s influences. The wherewithall he would need to deal with this prideful firestorm.

We learn (in this telling) why Katsuki started bullying Izuku all those years ago. In an effort to save Izuku from himself aftet he was hit by a car when they were kids. But Izuku is Izuku. He’ll always put others’ well-being ahead of his own. The bullying morphed into something more ugly than Katsuki had ever planned and I don’t know that Katsuki will ever forgive himseld. Making amends until the day he dies.

I’m glad that they laid so much bare, no matter how painful it was. Even if it meant that Katsuki had to confront the fact that Izuku had actually loved Shoto. Izuku was finally allowed to see Katsuki’s raw emotions and the regrets that he carried with him. When Katsuki asked if he’d be given the chance to say goodbye before Isuku left again and Izuku told him that’s why he was there I internally cheered! They were led to share their emotions physically and express things that couldn’t be said. (Here comes the smut!!) There were a few moments that tickled me in this section. When Katsuki blew up Izuku’s belt buckle because he couldn’t get it undone I totally understood that frustration. And after their grinding session when Izuku said that they should use condoms “for next time.” While Katsuki focused on the sexual health connotation, the “next time” part caught me. Izuku had already decided that there would be a “NEXT TIME”!!!!

Kudos for Katsuki’s emotion development when he realized that he couldn’t interfere with Izuku’s decision to go back overseas. He knew that it was a great opportunity for Izuku and that he shouldn’t hold him back.

I’m so happy for these fluffy boys and glad that they’ll be spending the next few days together while they wait for Izuku’s work visa to clear. I do still wonder how Shoto will handle being rejected again and the return of the closeness between Katsuki and Izuku. I’m also starting to wonder when will their mothers find out. *gasp* For now though, I am happy.

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