Fanfic Reaction

Review: “Give a Man a Mask”

I’ve been reading fanfics non-stop for the last few weeks getting very little sleep. I’m so obsessed. LOL the problem is that I haven’t been writing about them and now I have a bunch of posts to do. WAAAAAAAHH!!! Some of the fics I liked and some not so much. In the process I’ve realized that my sweet spot is 10+ pages. Preferably at least 15 but I do like one shots as well.

So, first up tonight is Give a man a mask by Saysi. 

Give a man a mask and he will show his true face. – Oscar Wilde

It wasn’t an easy decision, but Izuku knew it was the right one to make. Deku’s time as a top hero was over, he was going to have to step aside, to leave it to the friends he trusted. It was time to live a relaxing life, an early – ridiculously early, admittedly – retirement. Like every hero always wanted, right?

Of course, it’s hard to hang up your mask when your feet move on their own.

This story is so much FLUFF AND SMUT!!! I ❤ it so much. It’s 15 chapters of adult Izuku dealing with the consequences of his early retirement, dating Katsuki, being a dutiful “son” to his mentor All Might and just trying to figure out life. Domestic/Soft Katsuki is my favorite Katsuki and we get plenty of him. We also gets lots of horndog Izuku. LOL

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