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Review: Little Sh*t (Kidfic) Series

Next up, the Little Sh*t (Kidfic) series by Saysi. It’s a 4 part series with the UA gang encountering a villain whose quirk turns people into younger versions of themselves for a max of 48 hours. Over the course of the series, class 1-A witnesses the progression of Katuski and Izuku’s relationship from childhood to high school.

  • Part 1 Deku is hit by the quirk and turned into a 4-year-old. The way Katsuki takes care of him is SO ADORABLE!!!!
  • Part 2 Katsuki is turned into a 4-year-old and now it’s Izuku’s turn to take care of him.
  • Part 3 Both Katsuki and Deku are turned into 6-year-olds and class 1-A sees how they used to be together and is left wondering how they became estranged.
  • Part 4 Katsuki is turned into a middle schooler and the class gets a glimpse into Izuku’s middle school torment. 

it’s a very cute series of one shots and I loved that after each transformation Katsuki and Izuku were able to share in moments that they had long forgotten, ultimately strengthening their bond.

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