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Review: “Just For You” Chapters 8 and 9

Alright, continuing my reviews of the fanfics I’ve been reading. It’s so much more fun reading than writing my thoughts down but I’m noticing that I’m starting to get the stories mixed up by not off-loading my brain.

Anyway, chapters 8 and 9 of “Just For Now” (previous reviews here: and chapter 8 is a complete SMUT FEST! Izuku and Katsuki only stopped having sex long enough to eat and shower. Katsuki wanted to make the most of the limited time that they had left. One of my favorite parts was when he spitefully responded to the group chat with his former classmates letting them know that Isuku was staying over at his place. “Deku’s at my place, now shut the fuck up.” LOL At the end of the chapter, though, Izuku got the call that he was waiting for and they knew that that would be their last night together.

So, chapter 9, for the beginning third Izuku was in tears and had me in my feelings. Katsuki had so much that he wanted to tell him but he thought it would be worthless with Izuku leaving in the morning. He couldn’t even bear to watch Izuku walk out the door. The poor babies!!!!!! After Izuku left and Katsuki returned to work, Katsuki’s life was in shambles. So much so that Shouto put him on a leave of absence and paid him for it. “I think this may be my way of apologizing.” The next day Katsuki caught a flight to the US. To Los Angeles in search of his love. He crossed an ocean to chase his Izuku and had no intention of ever leaving him again! “Why are you here, Kacchan?” “For you, nerd.”…“Just for you.” WAAAAHHH MY HEART!!! 

This series was an emotional rollercoaster and I’m so glad that I read it.

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