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Review: Get On My Level

“Get On My Level” is a 16 chapter BKDK work by Mikacrispy. (Forewarned, there’s an age gap and underage at the very end) It’s the first of a series also called “Get on My Level.” Bakugou Katsuki is a 24-year-old Pro Hero and is forced to take on an intern, due to regulations, in order to not lose his hero license. Enter Midoriya Izuko, 16, a second year UA student.  (I like how Mikacrispy split the roster where about half of canon class 1-A are current UA students and the other half are Pros.) Katsuki doesn’t think much of Izuko upon seeing him even knowing his class’ history with the League of Villains.“If Bakugou was a lesser man, he would think the kid was cute as a button and maybe should give up hero work in favor of being a nice trophy husband.“  Katsuki puts him through the ringer testing out his abilities and surreptitiously trying to make Izuko quit as his intern. But Izuko keeps coming back for more. Even tricking his brain into thinking good things about the torture that Katuski subjects to his “slave.” And Katuski actually starts growing fond of him. (His interns and sidekicks usually only last a week before they’re scared off.)

That fondness takes a turn when Katsuki learns that Izuku nicknamed him “Kacchan” in his head to calm his anxiety. I laughed so hard at the chase scene with Katsuki running after poor Izuku. LOL “THEN WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU RUNNING FROM ME, SHITTY NERD?” “BECAUSE YOU ARE RUNNING AFTER ME!”  

Izuku slowly develops a crush on his tutor/boss while Katsuki is impressed at his growth and ability to fight back at times. “It’s very cute when the boy gets angry with him and lashes out before realizing what he did, it reminds Bakugou of those little kittens that try attacking you.” 

Katsuki figures out Izuku’s crush and decides that the best reaction is to just ignore it. Even though we start seeing some possessive tendencies when he mentally calls him “my Deku.” When Isuku goes missing and is being chased by nomus that possessiveness/worry SPIKES! “All that Bakugou knows is that he took the wheel in a huge Jeep and ran the thing as if the hounds of hell were on his heels.” The imagery of Katsuki behind the wheel of a huge vehicle with the pedal to the floor flying through the streets of Mustafa had me excited comparing it to a movie. Katsuki was out for blood to make sure that Izuku was rescued.

Katsuki eventually decides that he will date Izuku, after a heart-to-heart talk with his best friend Eijiro. Katsuki is not good with FEELINGS! LOL “Katsuki really felt like he was losing his street cred with this whole being in love shit.” He’s very concerned, rightfully so, about the age difference and the fact that Izuku is only 17 but Eijiro tells him as long as he follows his heart and keeps his dick in his pants he should be fine. They start dating, and Katsuki takes Izuku on cute little dates: bento snacks at the end of patrol, to a festival for his birthday, a picnic to celebrate his sports festival win, etc. All is lovey dovey until Mina puts two and two together and goes for his neck! They have a falling out and Katsuki decides that if it’s Izuku or his friends the choice is an easy Izuku. The friendship is preserved after a talk between Mina and Katsuki and it looks like we’re moving towards a happy, fluffy ending but NOPE! 

Izuku is presented with an opportunity of a lifetime. A 2-year overseas opportunity that would expose him to training he wouldn’t get anywhere else. He’s not sure what to do about it and fears how Katsuki will react so he hides the news and mulls it over for weeks. Katsuki finds out from Hawks a few days after Valentine’s Day (VDay was a smutty day for them. Izuku is a big flirt LOL) and Katsuki reacts how he always does when he isn’t sure how to process his feelings. He lashes out in anger. He thinks that Izuku was purposefully hiding the information from him to trick him but when he finally sees Izuku he realizes that he was just scared to talk to him about it. Kasuki does what HE thinks is best for Izuku (without asking Izuku’s opinion *sigh*) and tells him that he has to go, what they have between them means nothing and he can’t miss this opportunity. While, yes this opportunity would be great for Izuku and develop his skills in unknown ways that was a decision that he and Izuku should have discussed. In Katsuki thinking that he knew best what Izuku needed he treated him like a child which he had never done before. In not wanting to hold Izuku back from greatness, he completely discounted Izuku’s feelings and essentially broke up with him.

20 days. TWENTY DAYS. Almost 3 weeks and neither one of them had seen each other. Katsuki was so heartbroken that he skipped Izuku’s graduation, settling for watching it on tv. He didn’t even send him the graduation gift that he had specially made. 😦 He wanted one final night to mope knowing that Izuku would be on a plane the next morning heading to the US. Surprise of surprises, Izuku showed on his doorstep and confronted him. He had every intention of leaving the next day but for that night he wanted his “going away gift.” He wanted to have sex with Katsuki before he left the country. He wanted Katsuki to be his first. They beautifully make love. Katsuki soaks up every movement to his memory. Even watching Izuku as he sleeps. Katsuki has settled in his heart that this will be their only time together. That when Izuku returns to Japan he will be in another relationship, Katsuki just a blip in his past. These poor babies!!!! 😦 They admit to loving each other and Katsuki throws out a tiny bit of hope that when Izuku returns in 2 years that Katsuki will still be available if he wants to try again. “So when you come back, if you still want this old man then, just ask me out for coffee.”

The final chapter happens three years later. Poor Katsuki had held onto the hope that Izuku would return like he said in two years but he didn’t. His heart broke all over again and his friends tried to help by getting him back into the dating scene. But Katsuki had loved and lost and never wanted to go there again. He threw himself into work and anything that would keep his mind occupied. He needed to focus on his work taking down gangs and saving money for own agency. That was all that was important now nightmares about Izuku be damned. And then it happens. Katsuki’s life is upended as Hero Deku shows up at a morning meeting introduced as a new hero at the agency. Katsuki tries to escape the meeting to get out of Izuku’s proximity and he loses sight of him. “He vanished again. Apparently that is his new quirk, disappearing from Katsuki’s life!”  He runs to his office to get away, only to find Izuku there who asks the question, “Hi Kacchan, would you like to go out for a coffee?” ALL THE FEELS, RIGHT??!!!

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