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Review: My Soul’s Keeper

My Soul’s Keeper by MellowWrites

My favorite BNHA/MHA alternate universe is the fantasy AU based on Hori-sensei’s designs. This one by MellowWrites fits right in there. I love the idea that an individual’s soul is a physical thing that has to be protected and that exchanging souls ties you for life. It’s an in-progress story and there are 4 chapters available so far.

The story starts off with Izuku and Katsuki as young children from different tribes who have no other friends but each other. Izuku being too clumsy for others to like (poor little cinnamon roll) and Katsuki being a prince that no one will get close to. I love how pure their friendship is. Just the two of them playing in a field of flowers being kids. Katsuki promising to make Izuko his co-ruler one day. When they exchanged souls it felt like Katsuki knew that they wouldn’t see each other again and he proposed it to always keep them close even though physically they couldn’t be.

Ten long years later they meet again. During that time Izuku had been trying to break through the wall that separated their tribe lands and little did he know that Katsuki had recently been doing the same. Izuku was speechless and I would be too to see my childhood friend grown up and looking like a MAN! LOL  Ohhhh, the souls can transmit feelings??!!! Katsuki blew warm air on Izuku’s soul and he warmed up from the inside out. And Izuku had been kissing Katsuki’s soul while relaxing. All the feels. Led by Katsuki, they frolicked on his side of the wall just like they were kids again. Running through a geyser field, floating through the air over a magic clearing, splashing in water. it’s so fluffy and pure! The best day Izuku has ever had until it turns sad. Izuku wants to return souls. Poor Katsuki. Being Dragonborn he has a closer relationship to/understanding of magic. For he and his people soul exchange is deeper than marriage as Izuku’s people see it. It’s a bond, a connection forever. He was so hurt by the suggestion. By not being wanted anymore by Izuku. By something being wrong with his soul to be rejected. ARGH.  He’s loved Izuku so much over the last 10 years WAH! 

The fairy scene was so beautiful. I could just imagine the fairies dancing around Izuku while he giggled in bewilderment. Katsuki sharing love through Izuku’s soul stone and telling him how he sees more to him than Izuku realize. Izuku is logic and Katsuki is emotion. Living alone, ostracized with his mother, I think has left him sheltered and inexperienced with love, with caring that defies logic. And in front of him is Katsuki defying all logic and claiming to love him. What’s a poor soul to do?! The sudden appearance of Dark Magic stops Katsuki from keeping his promise of getting Izuku home before dark.

The pair is forced to stay in the fairy forest overnight. While sleeping, Izuku dreams of meeting a very bright figure who gifts him with “One for All.”  He wakes up to find Katsuki fighting the Dark Magician and moves to help with his newly acquired sword. What was that dream about, though? And HA with the reference to the sludge monster. I love when writers bring in pieces of the canon material with their own twists. 

The morning after when Katsuki led Izuku back to the wall was so sweet. Kisses and promises of meeting again with a code to pass through their soul stones. Who said that romance was dead?! 🙂 Izuku does have to answer to his mom, though for being out all night. 16-year-olds breaking curfew. LOL After returning home, his interaction with the sword conjured the legendary Light Magician, All Might and he learns of his destiny. (So yeah, I love fantasy AU Izuku with a sword LOL)

It saddened me when Izuku walked through his village completely invisible to everyone. (How I wish by the end of the story everyone knows and recognizes him. He’s too sweet a soul to give them the cold shoulder back. Even though I wish he would on some "Back then they didn’t want me, now I’m hot and they all on me” stuff. ANYWAY!) Meeting Sir Iida, and he and Ochako witnessing Izuku being soothed by his soul keeper is going to be a problem. A knight of the kingdom and his overzealous and slightly nosy best friend when he’s in-love with someone from another kingdom. An “enemy” according to his king. Star-crossed lovers!!! LOL

Izuku’s mother fretting over an injured Katsuki was the sweetest thing. She’s a worrier and he hates to be doted on. Perfect combination. LOL Katsuki is such a tease. Lying on the bed together, he has no problem being physically close to izuku and disrupting Izuku’s brain by making sexual innuendos. I felt so embarrassed for Izuku as he tried to scramble away. LOL Katsuki at the dinner table trying to eat mushroom will never not be funny. And good for Izuku defending his mother and telling Katsuki to mind his manners. There’s that backbone! And just when we get back to the makeout action on Izuku’s bed the sludge creature is back. NOOOOO! It was just getting hot. LOL I can’t wait for the continuation of this story.

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