Fanfic Reaction

Review: Crybaby

I’m revisiting Crybaby and unfinished work by lalazee. Intriguing concept, what happens when you call a sex hotline and become a regular with one person in particular only to to find out later that you’re childhood friends? O_O Pro Hero Katsuki the aggressive voice, Pro Hero Izuku the crybaby caller.

Izuku quickly became a regular caller requesting “Baku.” And Katsuki soon began to cross the line of professional and grew attracted to Izuku’s voice.

Can we take a moment to appreciate the visual of Ground Zero trying to make  it through the workday??!! “Struggling through the day was like walking down the street with a blind drunk Kirishima and Kaminari holding onto each ankle as he dragged them along.“ LMAO

The fact that the phone sex business is Mina‘s brain child isn’t surprising. Nor is it surprising that she roped Katsuki into it. LOL It also isn’t surprising that he’s popular when some men like the domineering type.

I liked the twist that Izuku went to Shiketsu High and became best friends with Inasa. And how at separate schools Izuku and Katsuki had parallel careers.

The conversation about Katsuki not being a nice person was great. When your own boss can’t say that you are and only repeats that you’re a hard worker, it’s a sign. LOL

The best part for me was the takeover of Izuku and Katsuki’s date in chapter 12. The poor things just wanted a date to themselves and their friends invited themselves along. That damn Shinsou. LOL

Oh yeah, this fic is smut upon smut. With the phone sex at the beginning and physical sex in later chapters, it’s a gem for getting your blood pumping.

I hope that this story does eventually get completed.

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