Fanfic Reaction

Review: Breaking Stereotypes

Breaking Stereotypes by MikaCrispy is a three chapter BKDK Omegaverse AU with heroes and quirks. 20-somethings Alpha Pro Hero Katsuki and Beta Pro Hero Izuku. The boys have been pining over each other for years but feared that the other wasn’t interested. it’s a rarity for an Alpha and Beta to want to be together. Let alone males. When Katsuki’s doctor forces him to go off his suppressants to get his hormone levels regulated he has an encounter with Izuku that forces them to confront their feelings. They are both idiots. Complete idiots. LOL And after deciding to give their relationship a try the media gets ahold of the scoop and turns their lives upside down. Thank the heavens for their friends who give their unending support without having to be asked. And I loved Katsuki’s talk with his mom. Even with their usual gruff exchanges she was able to get him to see that he has to fight for what he wants and not just lie down. And they do, they fight for it. It’s a cute, smutty, fluffy short read that I definitely enjoyed.

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