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Review: The New Year’s Kiss

The New Year’s Kiss by HoneyBeeez and MellowWrites is a year-long BKDK story. Each monthly update is a month in the lives of the characters. Chapter 4 was released last night so I’m rereading the first three for context I missed.

In their second year at UA, Kastuki and Izuku are setting their friendship back on track amid threats from villains against their class. They have a shared experience with the League of Villains that ties them together permanently. On New Year’s Day while hanging with their classmates, Katsuki and Izuku share a drunk kiss. 

The morning after while visiting a shrine, Ochaco makes a face while recounting all of the foolishness the class did the night before. Now, that I reread it I do wonder if she saw Katsuki and Izuku but in her drunken state thought that she imagined what she saw. And the idiots, the disaster duo, avoid each other after because miscommunication is their motto! it makes sense to be confused. Their relationship has gone through so many changes over their lifetime. And teenagers (not to mention some adults) don’t handle their feelings well. But to make a deal that they’ll take a year, A YEAR, to figure out how they feel about each other?! Bless their hearts because a year is a long damn time, leaving room for anything unexpected to happen.

Valentine’s Day and the Disaster Duo strike again. They’ve regressed and have no idea how to act around each other anymore. They REALLY need to talk but that isn’t what these two do well. Making chocolates with the girls was a cute moment. Katsuki is always ridiculously good at everything (earning the ego that he has). Out of all of the girls, I connect most with Jirou and I loved her little nudge at Katsuki insinuating that she knew who he would be giving “his” chocolates to. Maybe she saw the kiss or being the level-headed one she noticed how Katsuki and Izuku act towards each other. Katsuki does decide to make a move to show Izuku that he is interested and still thinking about the deal but he didn’t account for anyone else also being interested in Izuku. Enemy number one, Ochaco. It was adorable that Katsuki signed the note on his chocolates with “Kacchan” even if he wasn’t directly able to give the chocolates to Izuku.

White Day. This chapter broke my heart for Katsuki. And after rereading the previous chapters, I feel extra sad for Katsuki. It was almost as if their shared past and experiences meant nothing to Izuku for him to easily brush Katsuki aside. At least that’s what I can imagine Katsuki feeling. It barely crossed Izuku’s mind to give Katsuki Valentine’s Day chocolates and not until afterward did he feel the guilt and want to make up for it during White Day. And Izuku with his hero complex and never wanting anyone to feel bad just strings Ochaco along and causes more confusion and hurt for all of them. To go from friends to a relationship and they’ve never even gone on a date before? I mean he wasn’t even happy when she called herself his “girlfriend.” Bless their foolish hearts.

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