Fanfic Reaction

Review: Centerfold


I just read a fanfic with a poly Baku/Deku/Todo/Kiri group and some rope play. I am ruined for the day.

The fic that I mentioned is Centerfold by cloudwolfanime, SurelyHeavenWaits, and TCup_Jenni and it’s a two chapter fluffy, smutty story featuring Bakugo, Deku, Todoroki and Kirishima is a polyamorous relationship. Aged up, hero universe. Deku participates in a live tv interview where the interviewer ambushes him with a copy of a magazine that shows him in suggestive poses and with a new tattoo. His boyfriends knew none of these things. Deku is enraged by this and when he finally gets home later in the day his boyfriends soothe him with his favorite things and fluffiness. The next chapter though, he’s punished for keeping secrets from them in a very hot and smutty scene.  TodoBakuDeku is my OT3 but the addition of Kirishima took it up a notch for me. Bless the souls of the fanfic writers. LOL

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