Fanfic Reaction

Review: Beyond Sea and Storm

Beyond Sea and Storm by Celestialgunfireopera is a fantasy (my favorite genre) soulmate AU BKDK fanfic. There are kingdoms, and alchemy, and dragons, and treachery, and loyalty. Katsuki is a king (technically an emperor) of a large empire that he’s amassed in his 20s. Izuku is a prince of the next country that Katsuki plans to conquer. Through a turn of events Katsuki ends up married to Izuku as a bargaining chip. The story centers around Izuku becoming accustomed to his new life and country and mistakes both Katsuki and Izuku make. Oh, I forgot to mention that there’s a curse that may be real or may not be but has been passed down through Katsuki’s people by superstition. The fic is up to 44 chapters now and I’m amazed by the universe building. I didn’t take notes on all of my readings (I really plowed through the first 40 chapters with little sleep) but I did for chapters 43 and 44.

Chapter 43

It’s war as Katsuki has had enough of Hisashi’s treachery. Katsuki and Izuku (and everyone else) are exhausted and on edge. Izuku isn’t sleeping from horrible nightmares and I don’t blame him. War is hell and he knows the possibilities of what can happen to his family. I’m glad that the boys FINALLY talk. It’s bad when your friends have to intervene and tell you to stop being snarky and deal with your issues. At one point Katsuki is hit with a random cough out of nowhere that makes me think of the curse. I really hope not. They’ve saved each other a few times laughing in the face of the curse and I hope this isn’t what fulfills it.

Chapter 44

I was really worried that the final battle would put Katsuki or Izuku with a deadly wound but it went surprisingly well. Phew. But his family, though. Hisashi has doomed his siblings to death and shows no remourse for what he did to Izuku or for trying to kill Katsuki. I LOVED the writing of having Izuku throw his knife with striking accuracy and speed at his father and no one seeing it coming. He was so fierce and protective of his husband! Sadly, even though Izuku knows that his family must die (can’t conquer a country and leave another monarchy intact) he still hopes that he may be able to save his siblings. What will Katsuki decide?!

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