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Review: Caught Up

Caught Up by Mikacrispy is the continuation of the Get on My Level series (my review/summary). It’s been three years and Izuku is back in Japan and he wants to get Katsuki back. Katsuki isn’t sure if that’s what he wants. He shut down his heart and the Izuku in front of him is a lot different from “his” Izuku. The poor babies are so awkward and both are hurt about how they broke up.

Chapter 1

These goofballs are really racing down the sidewalk to get to Katsuki’s apartment. I loved that Katsuki threw him over his shoulder and then climbed the stairs. Like who does that?! LOL Bless Katsuki’s heart. He doesn’t like dealing with feelings and he’s so overwhelmed after they make love. His heart. It overfloweth.

Chapter 2

The boys have a heart-to- heart. Tears and hurt hearts. Three years worth. And Izuku is taking the lead and planning to woo Katsuki! Katsuki on the other hand isn’t so convinced. Katsuki is bad at feelings!! He wouldn’t even sleep in bed for days afterward. Good luck and Godspeed to Izuku. LOL

Chapter 3

I like this take on the canon Katsuki thinks that Izuku is looking down on him and patronizing him. Katsuki is so damn stuck on Izuku’s job title that he can’t see the forest for the trees. Then after their mission Katsuki’s imagination gets the better of him and thinks that Izuku must have snuck off with someone. What’s the opposite of wearing rose colors glasses? When your insecurities make you think the worst of everything? Whatever it is Katsuki has it BAAADDD! But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel?

Chapter 4

Bless their hearts again. Izuku decides to pull back on the forcefulness of his wooing right when Katsuki has seen the error of his ways. Their wavelengths totally cross cross again. Yay, for Izuku catching up and having lunch with Shouto. He was stuck in his head and really just needed a friend’s shoulder.

Chapter 5

Frantic Katsuki is FRANTIC!!!! Speaking of needing a friend’s shoulder. What would Katsuki do without Eijirou cause he is just a lost soul. LOL And bravo for date night. These two needed to talk. So many miscommunications.

Chapter 6

The duo heads out of town to meet with an informant and when the local heroes there do not have space to house them they’re put up in a hotel. In the same hotel room. 👀 Luckily there’s more than one bed but only one gets used that night. *wiggles eyebrows*

Chapter 7

In which Izuku almost kills his damn self falling off of the tiny hotel bed. LMAO

And these two non communicating fools. The hotel made things awkward. Then Izuku pulled an all nighter and didn’t contact Katsuki for help. Angry words said and hurt. Izuku was so overtired but Katsuki took care of him. After a therapeutic cry Katsuki took Izuku back to his place to feed him and let him get some rest. Awww.

Chapter 8

Katsuki was over Izuku’s shenanigans. He flirtingly convinced Katsuki to get an intern and sidekick to help with their work. The he’s worked all day with no underwear. Katsuki was FED UP! LOL I love Katsuki saying they were “going home.” Not his home, just “home” as if it’s understandable that Izuku should just be there LOL Can I admit that I LOVE Bottom Bakugo cause I DO!!!

Chapter 9

Awww, Katsuki loves him some Izuku and being around him. LOL “they can be apart for the fucking morning and Bakugou is not clingy!” And it’s day one for the new intern Slimu, heaven help him dealing with Katsuki training/torture.

This mermaid bitch flirting with oblivious katsuki LOL And Izuku laid his claim!!! Claim your man! “Oh, that explains that inane chatter the fish girl put him through. Too bad for her Bakugou likes dick and is very much in a committed relationship, even if his idiot partner can’t understand that.”

Chapter 10

Glad a Izuku got some time to catch up with Ochako. He’s needed that friend time. And yes we’re at the point that Izuku can tell Katsuki about One For All! I loved that Katsuki had so many plans for the future that he wants to do standing side-by-side with Izuku. Katsuki is all in!

Chapter 11

Katsuki is so sweet in his worrying about Izuku’s safety during their mission!!! It fills my heart with fuzzy feelings. And he’s so paternal with Slimu. Where will you be during the operation, Slimu? “In the van.” LOL And Lastika’s teasing and Katsuki wanting to know about the piercing bet. Im with him though, fill us in on the details. I’m reading the chapter apprehensively, though. I’m so nervous for the heroes infiltraing a large yakua meeting. And Katsuki goes and does something wreckless and ends up hurt. Izuku is going to tear him a new one when he feels better the next day! It is funny how Katsuki acts under the pain meds but he’s gonna get it, though. LOL

Chapter 12

Izuku takes it better than I thought he would. He’s stern with Katsuki but he’s come down from his fury the night before. I loved that Katsuki understood the severity of what he did and that he never wanted to be the one to cause Izuku pain. Nurse Izuku to the rescue with a naughty patient. I’m glad that they talked. They’re both grassing. And these knuckleheads FINALLY say that they love each other. Pray for these poor souls. LOL The necklace makes a return!!! It hadn’t been mentioned yet in the story so I just assumed that Izuku was wearing his Deku necklace when they got back together. I didn’t think that Izuku was afraid to wear it. I’m glad that they talked and his necklace is back where it belongs, around his neck. I do worry about the inevitable battle with All For One but this was good for relationship building. Katsuki really loves grabbing Izuku’s ass. Starting to think that’s his favorite body part. LOL

And Mika notes that this will end at 16 chapters. I’m not ready!! 😦

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