Fanfic Reaction

Review: Bridges

Bridges by supercrunch is a oneshot BakuDeku fic set in the canon universe.

Summary: Yaomomo sighs. “We’ve got a little bit of a situation, Bakugou. Ashi—uhm, somebody might have accidentally signed you up for that modelling gig.”Katsuki holds up a hand. “So what you’re telling me here,” he says, “is that you told Calvin Klein I would model for them. In my underwear.”Ashido sinks behind a desk to hide. “Yes.”(The thing is, they really do need the money. And Katsuki’s technically the leader of this bunch of morons, so he finds himself taking the job even though his pride will never recover. And even though nobody thought to tell him that he’d be working with his ex-boyfriend. You know, the cute freckled guy from high school who went and broke his heart.So, yeah. This whole situation kind of sucks.)

When I read the teaser description I thought that it would only depict Katsuki and Izuku’s post breakup life. I didn’t realize that it would start while they were dating as UA students. My heart, the angst!! Since the story is told from Katsuki’s point of view I felt so bad for him when they broke up. I can’t imagine being told that I’m “too much.” The boys have horrid communication. I did appreciate how empathetic his mom Mitsuki was since she’d been there before.

Fast forward a few years and they’re all adults and pro heroes. And that’s where the modeling shoot comes in. Mina in her drunken brilliance signed Katsuki up for a gig with Calvin Klein and even put on the info form that he would work with Izuku. It all goes downhill (or uphill?) from there. How do you handle being in an intimate setting with your ex that you haven’t seen or talked to in more than four years??!!! Especially when Katsuki was never over him!

All in all it was a cute fic and easily one of my favorites. Best friends Katsuki and Momo are adorable. The BakuSquad + Momo running their own hero agency? INSANITY!  And there’s even a bit of TodoMomo undertones to the story.

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