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Review: Chance – Chapters 17 and 18

Alright, I’m back to talk about Chance again. Since my last review (Review of chapters 1-16), chapters 17 and 18 have been released. It’s graduation party time!!!

Chapter 17
So, the chapter starts off with Katsuki hanging out in his room. I can say that I totally felt Katsuki with his annoyance about having his classmates in his space. I’m not a big fan of having a lot of people in my house. The bad thing about hiding in his room though, it left him open to his mom bribing him with food and holding him hostage. At her mercy to have a sex talk. A very mortifying sex talk. I mean if you found out that your parents and Izuku’s mom knew that you were having sex AND Izuku’s mom had heard you, you’d wish for the ground to swallow you up. LOL All of that aside though, I’m glad that they talked. Katsuki had been stuck in his head thinking about Izuku and he needed to get it out and voice his insecurities. It broke my heart that he cried. Poor thing. 😥 Mitsuki agreed with my earlier thoughts that Izuku and Katuski’s graduation speeches were love letters to each other. LOL She did leave him with a bit of hope, though. Izuku was still technically single since he and Eijiro hadn’t had the “couple” talk or walked across that threshold.

Mitzuki KILLs me LOL She put together coordinating outfits for Izuku and Katsuki??!!! LOL Meanwhile Katsuki ran with her advice and was all over Izuku at the party leaving him flustered. Flirting like his life depended on it. Bless his heart, he only stopped when Eijiro showed up and even then he alluded to the fact that he was only PAUSING his fun. Oh! And then the photo albums came out!!! That was the first time the class REALLY understood how close Katsuki and Izuku’s families were. Photos in each others family albums. Christmases spent together EVERY year. Even matching pajamas??!!!! All of the class in their business. LOL Everything was going somewhat ok and until Inko DROPPED A MEGATON BOMB!!! [imitates sweet voice] I’m saving these pages for engagement photos. [/voice] WWHHAAATTT????!!!! Thank goodness for Mitsuki cause Inko was out right embarrassing. LOL And compromising to the covert mission and of not letting Eijiro know that anything had happened between the two of them. Eijiro did get up the nerve to ask (good for him) but Izuku lied. And it wasn’t even a good lie or deflection. OUCH! 

Izuku, bless his heart, is still trying to keep up a wall against Katsuki and draw Eijiro in. Even setting up some time to see each other the next day. Then the devil that is Katsuki swooped back in holding Izuku’s hand to walk home together after everyone left. 

Chapter 18
I will admit that I did NOT see the events of this chapter happening. That said, I really enjoyed them *wiggles eyebrows*

Katsuki brought Izuku back to Katsuki’s house and told him it was too late to walk back to his own house. Oh?! Katsuki insisted that they take showers and then they could discuss what Izuku’s mom said. The whole time, though, Izuku was just so AWARE of Katsuki’s presence. Not that Katsuki made it any damn easier by giving Izuku his favorite night clothes that he likes to see on him and insisting that they sleep in the same bed. They talked and Katsuki gave Izuku some half-truths that he could tell Eijiro. That straddled the line of lying by omission. LOL (Izuku wondered again if his mom had ever heard them having sex and I wonder if he’ll ever have that mortifying moment of finding out??!!!) Anyway, LOL, I didn’t expect for Izuku to tell Katsuki that he’d given Eijiro head, though. But Katsuki took it in stride. LOL I guess ya know when you’re lying on the bed with your crush it’s easy to not worry about your rival. LOL 

These two kids and their ability to be vulnerable with each other. One when Izuku cried while they were cuddling. And then again when Katsuki cried after Izuku asked why he kept asking Izuku if he was sure about having sex. Two back-to-back chapters of emotionally vulnerable Katsuki. WAAAAAAAAAAAA 😭 Oh, and yeah, yeah, yeah Katsuki’s parents’ bedroom is downstairs. They still HAD to have heard something as these two are historically noisy. LOL

Oooooo Izuku has a hickey and he’s meeting Eijiro for lunch the next day. There’s no way that Eijiro won’t see it. Let alone Katsuki’s parents or maybe Izuku’s mom when he goes home to change clothes. I want the best for Ei and Izuku isn’t it. And I remember something that Izuku was thinking in a previous chapter. Even with them hanging out and making out I don’t think he was ever going to truly pursue a relationship with Eijiro. I remember where he mentioned that if they did they wouldn’t see each other much after graduation because every agency Izuku looked into was far away from where Eijiro was planning to work. They had fun while they were close together in the dorms but they’ve graduated now and and won’t have that anymore. Like maybe in the beginning when he and Katsuki fell out but there was plenty of time to decide to be a couple before graduation. Welp, we’ll see in the next chapter.

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