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Review: To Stand by Your Side – Chapters 23-28

Again I’m behind. You would think I’d do these things after each chapter but NOOOOOO!!!! So much more fun to read than write. LMAO Anyway, onwards with TSBYS!

Chapter 23
As we left it in my last review Kastuki and Izuku had their first fight and it was a doozy. I was teary eyed reading this one just like I was reading chapter 22. WAAAA. Kirishima was a godsend for Izuku to have someone to talk to and Katsuki’s crew were in place and didn’t let him retreat into himself. The poor boys. First relationships and first fights are HARD!

Chapter 24
Jirou won tickets to a private onxen and offered them to Izuku. Izuku took Katsuki as hopefully a trip to smooth over the fight. BUT as things go if you don’t actually get to the bottom of the problems they just fester. And it’s been three months since the fight so emotions are just bubbling under the surface. And while they PHYSICALLY had fun on the trip their emotions were still off. 😦 Again with the teary eyes for me at their awkwardness. A good thing to come out of the trip though was that Katsuki got a good look at Izuku’s scars and let him know that he was still handsome and that the scars were nothing to be ashamed of. That young man has maturity beyond his years.

Chapter 25
After the trip and New Year’s Eve. These two disasters are still awkward. Katsuki needed that night out singing karaoke with his friends. Camie is the best friend ever. The way she handles his emotions and is just THERE for his breakdowns. BFFs. And then we have Shindou, he’s an ass in any appearance of his character. LOL I did NOT like how clingy he was to Katsuki and how damn nosy he was. He wasn’t supposed to find out about Katsuki and Izuku and hopefully he does keep the secret. But yeah, Shindou and Todoroki some kind of thing?! Up until this point in the story I didn’t think Todoroki really thought about any of that LOL But this story is mostly told from Kastuki’s point of view so if he doesn’t pay attention then we readers won’t know.

Chapter 26
It’s February and the duo finally have some alone time. A camping trip with just the two of them! The canon reference with Katsuki falling and Iuzku offering to help him up was awesome. I love little touches like that.  I love that Izuku got to see Katsuki in his natural element. Giving Katsuki an opportunity to be the “Pro” at something and taking the lead. His self-esteem needed that and Izuku needed to see him as capable. These two disasters are so adorable! And their game of “a secret for a secret” was hot and just what they needed to open up. LOL Hooray for finally talking!!!

Chapter 27
Final exams time. Another damn Shindou sighting. Is my annoyance with him evident LOL Anyway on to the practical final exam. The format? Student and a pro paired together against two other pairs in like a game of flag football except in a battle. And Kastuki is paired WITH Izuku. Who saw that coming? Cause I certainly thought they’d be head to head again. But yes! With this format of the student being in charge and Pro being support gave Katsuki another opportunity to show Izuku how capable he is. (OMG Izuku’s reference to Momo making Izuku’s dildo had me SCREAMING!!! LOL) They stumbled a little but damn they made a great combination! And I love that Izuku (VALIANT) helped Katsuki come up with his hero name Ground Zero. The description of how he looked in his final move before winning was so poetic.

Chapter 28
It’s Katsuki’s 18th birthday!!!!! And he has a day date planned with Izuku. Kastuki’s squad is the best BUT their impromptu decision to show up at his house added to Katsuki’s mom’s suspicions. She knows something is going on with him. First his overnight trip around New Year’s Day and now this overnight birthday plans. She just chooses to not say anything. LOL Back to his squad, they treated him to a day of fixing him up for his date with Izuku. Can I have friends treating me like that for MY birthday???!!! Damn. LOL Anyway, the description of how he looked was hot! @/cosmikuri on Twitter drew fan art of Katsuki’s birthday look and it is PERFECT! Evidently Izuku loved it cause his hands were on him immediately. AND he went through with his promise and got his tongue pierced. YOO!!!!! And and and Katsuki is 18 now so GAME ON! Blow jobs for EVERYONE!!! LOL *fans self*

Soooo, I’m thinking ahead and Izuku’s birthday is in a few months and I wonder what Katsuki’s gift will be. Will Katsuki let him see the dildo and use it on him??!!!!! *wiggles eyebrows* Also wondering when they’ll go public with their relationship. After Katsuki graduates or will their cover be blown beforehand? On that train of thought how long before Katsuki’s parents find out? LOL

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