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Review: Caught Up – Chapters 13-15

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Chapter 13
The Operation is underway and Katsuki meets Izuku’s international agent friends. That goes as well as to be expected. Katsuki is fed up with their shenanigans and when meeting Lastika, Izuku’s thoughts were on the money: it is like watching two trains colliding, you can’t really look away. It’s times like this where I wish that I still drew because I have a vivid idea in my head of how they look eyeing each other. LOL

And the get together that evening at Izuku’s iDied at both Izuku and Katsuki avoiding the conversation that Lia and Mina were having. Only bad things can come from those two talking. LOL

Chapter 14
Oh wait, Katsuki and Izuku are teaming up with Denki and Jirou for their part of the mission?! Heaven help Katsuki. He might just kill everyone. LOL Especially, now that Izuku is stuck helping an understaffed team and they won’t be able to work together. Katsuki is disappointed to say the least and then when he finds out that Izuku was injured in his part Katsuki realizes that he doesn’t want to be separated from him again. As soon as he gets injured Izuku home he asks him to move in together. WAAAHHHHH The boys are working towards their happily ever after!!!

Chapter 15
I’m so sad that we’re coming to the end. It’s been a great journey reading “Get on My Level” and now “Caught Up”. This chapter was so fluffy with Katsuki and Izuku making life plans and telling their parents about their relationship. Izuku with his surrogate dad All Might and then the both of them talking to Izuku’s mom and Katsuki’s parents. Inko with the knowing eyes. Realizing that Katsuki was his mentor in high school. (They do NOT need to discuss the fact that they were dating then LOL) And it was so adorable that Katsuki asked Inko for her katsudon recipe so he could cook it for Izuku. Izuku meeting Mitsuki and seeing that she is Katsuki in female form was hilarious. 

I was happy to see the graduation present from GOML make an appearance. I had wondered what happened with that and if Katsuki had gotten rid of it. And I really love the stability that Katsuki is offering Izuku. Stability and grounding that he hasn’t had in a while. *floaty hearts*

One more chapter to go. *BIG DRAMATIC SIGH*

(My previous review of chapters 1-12:

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