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Review: The Space Between

The Space Between by Kanae_vR is an in-progress BKDK story with 18 of 24 chapters published so far. It’s set in a quirkless AU with aged up characters. I came across this story late last year and was immediately sucked in. The official summary:

Holding his expensive camera tightly between his hands, Midoriya Izuku looked up at the once-white letters displayed on the black storefront banner. “The Hard Luck Bar,” he murmured to himself, unsure if he was getting ready to enter or flee.

Amateur photographer Midoriya Izuku is stuck in a rut and desperate for a change of pace. Deep in his city’s grimy underbelly, he finds exactly what he’s looking for in the form of an underground punk sensation on the verge of their big break, fronted by a foul-mouthed firework of a human being.

Loud, brash and passionate, Izuku may have just found the creative spark he needed, as well as something new to set his soul ablaze.

The story starts off with Izuku heading to a punk rock concert to try his hand at concert/event photography. As I started reading I wondered “what the hell has Izuku gotten himself into going to this concert.” He was gonna die in that damn mosh pit. LOL I felt so hype, though, reading the opening scene. It was so descriptive that I felt like I was there. Right there trying not to get my ass kicked in the mosh pit. Right there getting sucked into Mina’s jumping on stage, Kirishima’s slamming the drums, and Katsuki’s dominating presence.

When Izuku was processing the photos after the concert I totally felt him. I know that feeling of really wanting to work on a personal project on company time. When your day job is so unfulfilling that you really want to work on your stuff but you need to do what pays the bills. And that uneasiness and fear of your resulting work not being liked. The the validation of the social media responses and thinking maybe this is something I could do. Go, Izuku!

I loved the way that Izuku gave Katsuki the nickname “Kacchan.” Katsuki was being an ass purposely messing up Izuku’s name so HA! Take that! And while that was funny I did think that Izuku was going to forfeit his life when he asked if Katsuki worked as a police officer. I was ready for an RIP on a gravestone.

Halloween. Well, Halloween could have gone better. LOL Izuku almost lost his life again when 1. He learned that “groupie” is a 4-letter word (evidently some shit has gone down with the band and Katsuki is NOT about that) and B. he kept eating Katsuki’s Mt. Vesuvius curry. Izuku getting wasted and inviting Katsuki to Todoroki’s Halloween party was hilarious. Straight laced Shouto and this wildfire Katsuki?! Yeah, oil and water, not to be mixed. Who would have thought that Katsuki was a beast with video games, though?! When Izuku and Katsuki kissed I was cheering internally and then thought “oh damn” when Katsuki rejected it. Calm that heart down Izuku, it isn’t going to go anywhere.

Now, Ochaco. Ochaco, Ochaco, bless her heart. He’s just not into you!!!!! When Izuku invited her to dinner and she started texting someone I became suspicious that she was texting someone saying they were going on a date. UGH. And when she latched on and POUTED when he didn’t want her to go to the concert with him. He wasn’t going for fun, and even if he was, she just invited her damn self. And then guilt tripped him when he kept saying that she could leave if she wasn’t enjoying herself. He could have gotten some great photos for his portfolio (and for the band). While, yes Katsuki is aggressive I hated how she reacted to him and the band. It wasn’t her scene. She shouldn’t have been there. It echoed how Izuku’s other friends had responded to Katsuki.

And now we find out some of why Katsuki is pissed about groupies. Some dude sexually assaulted Mina and he’s very protective of his family. He’s gone to jail for her before! You don’t mess with family. Even though he won’t admit it, Katsuki is a softy inside. Thanking Izuku for helping with the Mina situation was the right thing to do. But letting Izuku crash at his place for the night to be close to work was unexpected. Softy. And he opened the door for them to establish a sort of friendship. A bizarre cat and mouse game with Katsuki inviting Izuku over to hang out and then kicking him out. Over and over again. LOL Who throws someone out and then packs them a to go plate? Like wha??!! Katsuki and his constipated feelings. LMAO

The chapter with the protest was hard. Izuku was so focused on trying to get his name out there for photojournalism that he lost perspective of where he was in the moment. He wasn’t safe but being behind the camera let him feel disconnected. To be hurt physically was one thing but to be hurt emotionally by his friends and family was worse. I know they wanted him to be safe but no one ever asked what he wanted in life. Only told him what he SHOULD do and not seeing how depressed he was becoming. (The awkward interaction with pining Ochaco and his over eager mother was uncomfortable. I hope that I am NEVER like that with my son when he gets older.) Katsuki, softy Katsuki, buying him a new camera, giving him a new life line. Fluffy feelings!! That meant everything to Izuku and Katsuki had no idea. No idea until Izuku returned the favor and helped Katsuki in dealing with his own depression about the band’s progress. No one gets their friendship and no one really needs to.

Which leads us to VEGAS BABY!!!!


All of Katsuki’s friends become TeamIzuku when they realize that Izuku has a thing for Katsuki. (We’ll ignore the hiccup with Kaminari who needs to just asked Ochaco out and stop projecting feelings onto Izuku.)And well Katsuki, Mr. I Don’t Do Feelings, feels enough in return that his friends pick up on it. I mean he left the casino to take Izuku on a day trip that wouldn’t harm his healing brain injury. I mean COME ON!!!! If that doesn’t show some sort of affection! Vegas is going SO WELL until it isn’t. I’m with Izuku, Katsuki what the hell is your problem?! Kissing was fine but once there’s more groping he freaked out?!?! EXPLAIN to Izuku why it’s an issue instead of punching damn holes in the wall. And how dare you just ghost Izuku?! I would have done the same and tracked him down at the next concert to confront him for answers. Their resulting fight was so ridiculous! My blood pressure was up. LOL Katsuki was just saying things to see how much Izuku would take and he seemed to have second thoughts 1. When Izuku started crying and II. when Izuku told him that’d he’d had enough. THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU KATSUKI??!!! Just talk to Izuku and stop acting like a child! I felt so bad for Izuku. He was pouring his heart out and having his feeling in validated. When he ran out of there and ran into Kirishima I wondered how much of the argument he heard.

And that’s where we’re left. Will Katsuki get his act together? Will Izuku finish his photojournalism project? Will Izuku FINALLY tell Ochaco that the feeling isn’t mutual and will Kaminari ask her out already?!?! The angst is killing me!!!!


Oh and @ragdoll-nocturne did this AWESOME fanart of Katsuki and Izuku. 😍

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