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Review: Claim Me Chapter 13-16

It’s been a minute since I’ve talked about Claim Me, so here’s my previous review of chapters 1-12.

Alright, let’s jump in. When we left off, Izuku was missing and returned to the agency like nothing happened. In chapter 13 we actually find out where he was and UGH. Izuku woke in the belly of the beast! I’ll admit that unlike some commenters, I totally missed that the woman he ran into in chapter 12 could have been Toga. They were right! Izuku was restrained in quirk nullifying cuffs that only pro hero had access (how the hell did they get them?!) and intravenous drugs. And these villains are connected to the case that the heroes had been investigating?! This is bad! Izuku becomes a guinea pig where they try Orders on him but of course he’s Claimed so they won’t work. Except they bring Shinsou out to control his mind. How the hell is Shinsou there? He was supposed to be undercover and that’s why Izuku couldn’t have Shinsou claim him! Gat dammit. Is he how they got the cuffs? And then Toga overrode Katsuki’s Claim. NOOOO, that must have been why Katsuki could feel the pain of needles through the Claim. He FELT her overriding it. Aw damn. And she Ordered Izuku to fake like nothing happened, OF COURSE! But what did they want from him and why were they upset that he had already been Claimed?! On the reread, I must have been tired the first time I read because I totally missed that Toga was disguised as some else and walked past Izuku to begin their plan but what is it?! Why is Hero Deku destroying the street??!!

Chapter 14

Hero Deku has caused so much destruction. WOW! I’m surprised that Hero Ground Zero didn’t break the sound barrier rushing over to stop him. Poor GZ, he had no idea that the Claim was overwritten and he tried to Order Deku to stop. He saw the pain in Deku’s eyes and knew that he didn’t want to be destroying the city and then what the hell?! Deku Ordered GZ?! How is that possible??!!! These two are ridiculously smart and analytical. While surveying the damage, GZ noticed something out of order, SHINSOU was there!!! How had no one else noticed that he wasn’t supposed to be there. I love that it’s canon that Kastuki is extremely smart and fic writers latch on to that. Toga, of course, was disguised as Shinsou and had the gall to TAUNT GZ about overriding his claim. That’s it. She needed to be taken down!!! You can’t just play with my boy’s heart like that. Deku rushed over to shield her and when she Ordered him to kill GZ he broke out of her Orders!!!!!! Yes! Claim or no claim he would never let anyone make him hurt HIS KACCHAN! And the chapter ends with Deku begging GZ to hit them with an explosion while he had Toga captured. AHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Chapter 15

And we learn how the villains have been doing their work. They had concentrated hormones in pills??!!! WTH?! Oh, now it makes that Deku must have used the Beta hormone pill to calm Toga down at the end of chapter 14 before GZ attacked. I’m worried, though, about what the villains have planned next since Izuku and Shinsou didn’t know or remember. Our boy Katsuki. Sigh. He realizes that he loves Izuku but Mr. Bad With Feelings had no idea how to deal with it. So much so that he never visited Izuku over the five days that he was in police custody. Come on bruh! Oh damn. Katsuki offered to Claim Izuku again and he declined. Oh. OH! That absolutely broke Katsuki’s heart. A villain’s claim was better than HIS?! And awkward turtle Izuku said they could still be fuck buddies. SIGH! Because these fools never properly communicate, Izuku felt like Katsuki never really cared and vice versa. UGH! These two.

No matter what, though, these two will always do for each other and it was great that GZ defended Deku in front of the media. Deku was not prepared for the shitstorm they were brewing up. Ohohhohoho!!! The first day back to work and Izuku’s preheat starts?!?! No surprise at all who he fantasized about and called. LOL We’re left with a cliffhanger of Katsuki banging at Izuku’s door. Chapter 16 should be VERY interesting. *wiggles eyebrows*

And AS SOON as I finished my notes on chapter 15, chapter 16 was published so let’s dive in shall we?!

Chapter 16

Of course Katsuki is the type of person who doesn’t check his voicemail and just shows up unannounced. LMAO I’m not surprised. Katsuki’s poor heart when he realized that Izuku was only apologizing for lying about being in the hospital and not his feelings. But Katsuki is such a sucker for Izuku. Bless his heart. Izuku has no idea how much he has Katsuki wrapped around his little finger. And mes amis we have a smut chapter cause Izuku’s heat has now triggered Katsuki’s rut!!! They’re going to destroy poor Izuku’s apartment. LOL

What?! Izuku called up One For All to lift Katsuki and throw him on the bed???!!! YOOOOOOOO! And wait, Katsuki cried during sex?! OMG The emotions were too much for our angry gremlin. Awwww *wipes tear* FOUR DAYS LATER, when Izuku texted the agency to let them know that his heat was over I wondered if Katsuki had let them know he would be out for his rut. I’m sure he did so now I wonder if their friends/colleagues at the agency will notice their overlapping time out and say anything anything??!!! Scandalous! Izuku’s revelation at the end of the chapter made me wonder if he was pregnant but I remember that earlier in the story when he and Katsuki started hooking up he said he was on birth control. So, I wonder instead is he feels like he’s in love. Dun dun dun. We shall have to wait and see.

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