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Review: Chance – Chapter 20-22

So, we’re back with Chance and more heartache. *tears*

Chapter 20

Izuku’s shower scene broke my heart again. He is so brokenhearted and to scrub his skin raw to get the scent and feel of Katsuki off of him???!!!! 😦 It had to have been so hard for him to tell Eijirou the truth but it needed to be done. I was surprised to see Ei admit that he had known something was going on and pretended that he didn’t. Izuku is still so in love with Katsuki and I worry that he’s jumping in too fast with Eijirou. But I have to remember that the characters are 18, straight out of high school and I did some rash and dumb things at that age, too. LOL I just want all of them to be happy, the sunshine kids and angry boi.

Chapter 21

The other part of the talk that needed to happen, Eijirou and Katsuki. Momma Mitsuki, bless her heart, was trying to parse out what happened. Everything was great early in the morning and then a disaster. I wonder if Katsuki told her anything or if he became tightlipped with her again. That’s a hell of a shock to see Izuku in her son’s bed in the morning and then hear that he has a boyfriend in the afternoon. Katsuki, Katsuki. Eijirou got him to admit that he does love Izuku but his damn insecurities are killing him. I think Katsuki was just lashing out when he implied that a relationship would be detrimental to his hero work. Anything to push his protest that he isn’t right for a relationship. Eijirou is really into Izuku but he just got caught in the middle of this foolishness. He has to worry that if Katsuki does show interest again that Izuku will run to him. I felt bad when Eijirou called Katsuki “Bakugou” when he left. They’re best friends, that’s not them. These three just. Sigh.

Chapter 22

It’s been a few weeks and it’s agency interview day. That SHOULD be exciting but OMG all of the hero agencies recruited Izuku and Katsuki as a hero duo. They had to be interviewed together ALL DAY! The first time they speak since the “break up” and THIS is how it happens? Their graduation speeches come back to haunt them. UGH. That had to be a stressful ass day. And Hawks’ suggestion that they share an apartment?! I NOOOO! wanted to throw myself off of my couch for them! Lawd if they could have run out of the interview I’m sure they would with Izuku powering up One For All at 10%. HA! As much as they don’t want to work together they have to be careful about their futures. Going to an agency that wouldn’t grow their careers just to avoid each other isn’t fair to either one of them. Could they work at the same agency, be professionals, and just NOT be partners?! Who knows. And bravo for Izuku calling Eijirou and letting him know that he was with Katsuki and why. If Eijirou had said “no” to them having dinner and discussing options that would have been an issue but yay for open communication.

Let me not forget to mention the foolishness with Izuku’s mom. Momma Inko. Momma Inko. She also mentioned my thought about Izuku moving too quickly into the relationship with Eijirou but the crying??!!! Heaven help this woman to not be so invested in their relationship.

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