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Review: The Space Between – Chapter 19 and Stuff

This chapter of The Space Between is mainly a personal growth one for Izuku. Post-fight with Katsuki, he takes some time to get his own shit together.

We start off though with NOT exactly the way I expected Izuku to tell Ochako that he wasn’t interested. By blubbering about how he poured his heart out to Katsuki. The poor girl. She deserved to know but ouch Izuku. She probably didn’t even know that you were into guys.

I am glad that he called his mom and was able to express everything that had been going on with him. That’s one burden off of his shoulders and secrets he held to himself. But with pain comes progress. Izuku finished project and took the chance to work with a more senior photographer. That isn’t something we would have seen several chapters ago. He even told Todoroki everything and had his support as well. We’ll pretend that Todoroki didn’t try to hook him up with a colleague. Nope didn’t happen.

Kanae teases us with a cliffhanger ending though. I’m 99% sure that everyone in the studio was reacting to a video by The Antiheroes. Did Katsuki take Izuku’s suggestion of writing a ballad? What’s happening???!!! Damn you cliffhanger. *shakes fist at the sky*

(Previous review of chapter 1-18:


And stuff…

I saw an interesting discussion about Izuku’s “predator” behavior in the story. I hadn’t thought about it since everything is told from Izuku’s point of view. The discussion centered around several instances such as Izuku lying about not wanting to be in a relationship when he did, not asking for consent before fondling Katsuki in Vegas, confronting Katsuki after the concert when he looked like a cornered animal, and telling Katsuki what Katsuki’s feelings were but getting upset when Katsuki did the reverse. That Katsuki has some baggage aside from Mina’s assault and the fan that broke into his apartment that he’s dealing with and Izuku overstepped boundaries. I don’t agree completely but they are interesting arguments that I hadn’t considered before.

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