Fanfic Reaction

Too Much to Read and Not Enough Time

So, I have this conundrum (yeah that’s one of my favorite words). Where BOTH of my list of stories to review and my to read list on AO3 are LONG!

I haven’t reviewed anything recently because there are so many new fics and chapters being written that are catching my attention. Meanwhile, I

  1. Can’t seem to devote the time to write notes for my reviews and then type them up (my wrist has been starting to hurt after typing my usual LONG reviews). Which is causing my review list to stay at an intimidating length.
  2. My to read list stays the same length because I can’t read what’s already on the list faster than new interesting stories are written. So, I just keep increasing my debt.

Possible solutions:

  • I take voice notes instead of writing and then type them up. Dealing with the fact that I don’t really like the sound of my own voice.
  • I can’t read anymore on my to read list and I can’t add anymore to that list without writing more reviews. The first one is doable but the second part is scary cause I’d hate to miss out on some good stories while I’m reviewing.

I know that I’m making this so much more difficult than this has to be but that’s how my brain works. 😅

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