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Review: Takane and Hana Vol 8 – 10

It’s been a while since I’ve written about Takane & Hana as I’ve had it on the back burner while I was down the fanfiction rabbit hole. In fact, volume 11 is out but I haven’t bought it, yet. 😅

Volume 8 opens up with Valentine’s Day and Hana having second thoughts about giving Takane the chocolate she bought. Rino shows up to shower Takane with chocolate and Hana falls into her inferior thoughts. Rino forces her hand and makes it so that she has to give Takane the chocolate. Throughout the rest of the volume Hana and Takane go on a few dates, Hana starts her second year of high school and Takane is finally starting to see some progress at work. The volume ends with an odd situation of Chairman Souten offering the Nonomura family a new house as a “product test.” Yeah, that doesn’t raise ANY suspicions at all LOL At the very end we see Takane showing up at the house claiming that it’s his. OH!

Volume 9 The families decide to live together after Hana makes a visit to the Chairman. Evidently, he was offering this opportunity to continue trying to help Takane grow as a person. It’s interesting but looking back at past interactions and things that he’s said, I don’t think that the Chairman is fooled by Hana and Takane’s deception. I really think that he knows that Hana is younger and this is all part of some plan he has. We shall see. The biggest part of the volume revolves around the fact that Okamon confesses his love to Hana.

Volume 10 Hana isn’t sure how to react and as we’ve seen in volumes 7 and 8 Hana has begun to realize her feelings for Takane but doesn’t want to lose their stupid “game.” She goes to Takane for advice without fully explaining the situation. He gives some really good advice about being upfront with people and not dancing around the subject.


From there the rest of the chapter deals with Hana turning Okamon down (which he’s not surprised but wanted to clear the air) and misunderstandings with Takane when he finds out about the confession. Hana takes Takane on a goofy karaoke date (I died from the music collection and all of the insanity) but Takane foolishly offers to break off the omiai. It takes talking to Okamon for Takane to realize what an idiot he was and then he rushes off to look for Hana. We get another flashback scene of Takane’s days in college and how people used to only want to be around him for his money. Little by little, we get more insight into why Takane doesn’t trust people. Although, I’m waiting for when we get his family backstory and explanations for why his last name is different and why the family treats him like an outcast.

We still have to get through Hana’s second and third years of high school so I do wonder how much longer this story can go before there is a time skip or something. Also, Hana’s antics are starting to wear on me so I’m not sure how much longer this will keep my interest.

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