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Review: Caught Up – Chapter 16

Caught up chapter 16, what can I say? I avoided reading this chapter for a while because I didn’t want the series to end. (See my previous reviews: Part 1 and Part 2) It was a great send off to Caught up, though. We had Kiri and Mina’s bachelor and bachelorette parties, the wedding and Katsuki searching for the right property for their new agency, Cavalry. The scene at Mina’s bachelorette party was the most hilarious and ridiculous scene ever. Half-dressed, drunk people floating in the air on couches with really loud music. PRICELESS!!!! I loved how Mei Hastume was slipped in there with her uncrackable cell phone. LOL 

Katsuki surprised Izuku with the newly bought property for their new agency and it was so sweet. I think a character mentioned it earlier in the story that starting an agency together was like getting married. Starting a new life together with a major event. 

So this is how it ended. It was like a culmination of everything they’ve been through. They went from Izuku being in high school and Katsuki being fresh in the Pro Hero world, to a developing relationship, Izuku leaving for a few years and coming back and here they are together again and starting a new agency. I loved it. 

(I dictated this review 2 months ago but I’m just getting around to editing it. UGH. Since then, Mika has written a one-shot of a few days in the life of Izuku and Katsuki post the end of Caught Up. I’m glad to see more glimpses into their lives.)

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