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Review: Happenstance Chapters 14 and 15

Hello, kiddies, it’s been a LONG TIME!


Today we’re back with two chapters of Happenstance by Merrywetherweather. I reviewed the first 13 chapters last June. A damn year ago, jeez. So, go check that out for a refresher. 

I dictated this review on my phone back in August and had it transcribed (horribly) back in October and yet here we are in June of the next year before it gets posted. While, reading this, know that the story is completed and that these are my thoughts before reading the final 7 chapters.

With that said, let’s get started on chapters 14 and 15.

Chapter 14

This chapter’s from Izuku’s point of view as he’s dealing with the fallout of Katsuki’s lies. Izuku doesn’t trust Katsuki and feels like maybe he can’t trust anyone. Through a heartwarming scene with his mother he realizes that he’s more like her than he thought and that they both miss their parental-child bond. She gives him some things to think about in regard to his relationship with Katsuki and how maybe they can compromise like she and his father did. Later Toshinoro leaves him with some good life advice that being mad is the first step to forgiveness. It’s a pretty light chapter with only a little bit of Katsuki and Kiri and Izuku ends it with some unsettled thoughts of it’s horrible to be lied to but if it was for a /good/ reason does that make it okay?!

Chapter 15 

I felt tricked and went and told Merry that I felt very tricked. We all knew that angst was coming and we thought it was  “oh, it’s just the hidden identity thing.” But no, oh no, no, no  there was more that was being hidden from us readers. So, 15 is about all the royalty arriving ahead of the wedding. Introductions at the reception and royalty are presenting gifts and yada yada yada. Izuku and Katsuki are standing with their families and Izuku is giving Katsuki the coldest of shoulders. LOL While walking through the crowd, it’s described to us how little the royalty think of Izuku with everyone bad mouthing him and claiming that since he’s an Omegan prince he won’t aspire to be King, he’ll just be the consort. And it’s just like “wow”, Izuku has been subjected to this since he was a child?! No wonder he assumed that Katsuki might feel the same way. Katsuki does try to talk to him and apologize but Izuku really wants to be alone and so he heads outside to think. And HERE’S THE ANGST THAT WE DIDN’T KNOW WAS COMING! It’s the bandits! The bandits were hiding in plain sight at the reception and they’ve come up and now they’ve kidnapped Izuku. 


So, what the hell. I knew they were going to come up eventually but them showing up at the reception was not expected. SO, two days until the wedding and Izuku’s been kidnapped. No one knows he’s outside so who knows when anyone is going to check. I looked at some of the chapter comments and most people are agreeing in hoping that Izuku will be a major part of his own rescue and not having to just rely on Katsuki saving the “damsel in distress.” Cause that’s been his whole life of being the /defenseless/ Omegan Prince and he can’t do anything by himself and we’ll see whenever we get chapter 16. EVENTUALLY, I’ll get over feeling the deception that Merry pulled over us. LOL

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