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Review: Claim Me Chapter 17

And here comes another review that I started last year and I’m only getting around to posting now. Chapter 17 of Claim Me by ScientificallySinful (VampireGaaraCheesepuffs). My previous reviews are here and here and the story is currently at chapter 22.


Alright, let’s start this off with me admitting that I was WRONG in my review of chapter 16. I said that Izuku couldn’t possibly be pregnant because he was taking his medicine. Hah, yeah, welllll I completely forgot that with the whole kidnapping and recovery in the hospital Izuku may not have had access to his birth control. Yikes. Anyway, but this whole chapter is about Izuku feeling like he’s all alone. He doesn’t want to tell Katsuki about the possibility of being pregnant and freaks out when Katsuki starts making future plans. Katsuki jumped into “I’m gonna be a dad mode” while Izuku was still trying to figure out what a possible pregnancy meant for his life. Even after arguing Katsuki leaves letting him know that he doesn’t have to go through all of this alone. It’s repeated when Izuku’s mom calls to check up on him since she hasn’t talked to him since before his heat. I felt so bad during the scene when Shinsou and Izuku talked and Shinsou assumed that Izuku wanted nothing to do with him because of the villain incident. NOOOOO, Shinsou, Izuku likes you. He’s just stuck in his head with his own personal issues.


Bravo on Katsuki for telling Izuku that whatever he decides about the possible pregnancy he’ll be there for him. But the decision has to be based on what IZUKU wants. Izuku is under SO much pressure trying to be the perfect son, the perfect hero, the perfect successor and the majority of it he puts on himself. It’s no wonder that he’s freaking out. I just want Izuku to be okay!!!

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