Fanfic Reaction

Review: “Just For Now”


I just finished chapter 4 of Shiro_Kabocha’s “Just For You” (that’s a post for another time) and I decided to revisit the first part of the series “Just For Now.”

“Idiot. It’s because we’re friends that I think we should.”

“What?” Izuku startled.

Kacchan shrugged. “The only way to get good at something is to practice. You don’t wanna fuck up when it’s goddamn showtime. I figure it’s like sparring: you need a challenge, sure, but you also need to do it with someone you trust.”

Katsuki’s parents are out of town over a school break and to keep him from getting up to any shenanigans, they ask Izuku to house sit with him. What are two teenaged boys to do when left alone to their own devices?

It’s a NSFW Baku x Deku pairing fanfic and was so good that I devoured it the first time around. I’m rereading for context that I missed and just to revisit the story. Like the official summary mentions above, Deku is staying at Bakugo’s house for a week because Bakugo’s parents don’t trust him alone after he had a wild party the last time they were away.

Two days go by of Deku stuck in the house with Bakugo’s usual bullying interactions. Unexpectedly, Bakugo starts treating him civilly and then propositions him. Propositions that they should have sex and be each others’ firsts, all in the name of “practicing.”

The story is told from Deku’s point of view and as I reread it I notice foreshadowing into the second part of the series. Bakugo’s repeated statement that Deku hadn’t asked what he wanted plays into the second part. Deku doing his usual habit of living in his head and overthinking (I know that all too well :-/). If only they had had clear communication but people never really do what they need to do.

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