Fanfic Reaction

Favorite Fullmetal Alchemist Fanfics


  • Schrödinger’s Nice Guy by lalazee NSFW – In Progress
    While Roy had never believed in the kindness or veracity of fate, he believed in his instincts. And Edward Elric set every single one on red alert. (The Stripper AU that wasn’t. Ed only bartends there. I know, we’re all feeling the loss, here.)
  • Have You Met Ed? by EllaBesmirched (El_Bell) NSFW – In Progress
    When Ed and Winry decide to open their marriage, Winry enlists Roy’s help to get Ed out of the house. Roy has his work cut out for him. Ed has no idea how to talk to women who aren’t Winry. After a series of failed bar excursions, Roy decides as a last ditch effort to take Ed to Roy and Riza’s favorite kink club. He tells himself that if Ed can’t find a date here, they might as well just stop trying. But Roy doesn’t expect Ed to take such an interest in what goes on behind club doors, and he expects even less for Ed’s interest to piss him off as much as it does. If only Roy could figure out why seeing Ed with other Doms is so goddamn frustrating…

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