Fanfic Reaction

Favorite Voltron: Legendary Defender Fanfics

If you have followed me for any amount of time you’ve probably noticed that I started my love affair with fanfics in the BNHA/MHA space. I’ve finally expanded to another fandom’s fanfics. This time it’s Voltron: Legendary Defender. So, here’s my growing list of favorite and recommended VLD fanfics.


  • When I Say “Date me,” You Say “Yes” by TheBrokaryotes
    He never thought that an arrogant, stuck-up jerk whose face just screamed I’m better than you would end up spending the better part of their lives with Lance. Heck, Lance never even thought that he would get his own family and get to fight in cool, magical robot lions. It’s not like the Garrison advertised, join now and get your own free space fam!, although that would be a deal breaker.
    No, Lance just signed up to fulfill a lifelong dream. He didn’t ask for this emotional rollercoaster.
  • you’ll wish that you never did by starboykeith NSFW
    If it weren’t for Hunk, Lance wouldn’t be in a vent in the first place. Wouldn’t have turned the wrong way one time and got himself stuck. Wouldn’t be impatiently jerking his arms and legs like he’s the one piece in a jigsaw puzzle that doesn’t quite fit.He wouldn’t be listening to the unmistakable sounds of sex, wet noises and heavy breathing and Keith moaning Shiro’s name.


  • Colours by Soaring_Ren (Nikolai_Knight)
    Keith’s biggest mistake letting Lance think he loved him.He never wanted to ruin their friendship.

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