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Review: Chance – Chapter 19

Chance Chapter 19: Like I’m Gonna Lose You

So, I’m trying to pump out this review before chapter 20 is released today. I don’t want to taint my initial reactions. Anyway, this chapter started off so sweetly. The boys waking up in each others’ arms, Mitsuki sneaking and taking a photo, Katsuki making them breakfast and then it QUICKLY went down hill. WHOLEY SHIIIT!!!! My heart BROKE! Izuku asking Katsuki to return his love and then thinking that he was an idiot for ever thinking that anything would change. For not listening to the voice that told him to not to sleep with Katsuki again. Izuku probably feels used and manipulated after sleeping with him AGAIN.

Katsuki, Sigh! Katsuki let Izuku go AGAIN!!! Because of his self-loathing and fear. Izuku telling Katsuki that he loves him (repeatedly) seems to have sent Katsuki’s brain into a tailspin. He’s back into his doubts of wanting them to have more than what they had before. Doubts that he would be ok with some public relationship. But his thoughts are so contradictory to his desire for everyone to know that Izuku is “his” with all of the love bites. Sigh. He still isn’t giving Izuku the option of choosing what he wants. Explaining what he can and can’t offer and letting Izuku choose to continue or not. Katsuki crying at the door after Izuku left was reminiscent of Izuku doing the same at the end of chapter 11.

They’re all such a mess. I want Katsuki to man up and for them to talk and Izuku to listen and not assume. I know that’s easier said than done. When you put your heart out there and get no response. It’s hard to not fill in the blanks. The other part of me wants everyone to stay single, go settle into their new jobs and work on their personal development.

Izuku is right that Eijiro needs to know. I was surprised that he came to that decision but I felt so bad when he started talking about himself negatively. That something was wrong with him for loving someone unattainable. Both boys need to talk to Eijiro. I think separately would be best to really get out everything they need to say without feeding off of the other. Explain their individual reasons for keeping it quiet. Eijiro will want to know why Katsuki told him to pursue Izuku and Katsuki is the only one who knows at this point. (It would do them all some good if he explained that to Izuku as well.) He’s so emotionally blocked and Ei is one of the few that can get past his emotional wall.

These walking disasters. Please get it together!

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