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Review: Just For You – Chapter 6

Chapter 6 was released the other day and of course given angst. 😩 With three chapters left I should have known that we wouldn’t get any happy go lucky feels.

This chapter is told from Katsuki’s perspective. Graduation is over and adult life has started for the new Pro-Heroes. Katsuki’s plan to work at the same company as Izuku didn’t work out as he wanted. Izuku abruptly turned down his job offer and left the country for an internship without a word to any of his friends. Without telling Katsuki.

Katsuki searched out Shoto for answers and was surprised to learn that he didn’t have any either. If there’s anything that could unite the two, it’s Izuku. They actually worked peacefully together searching for information. Well as “peaceful” as it can get between those two.

Katsuki suppressed his thoughts of Izuku when he realized that he wasn’t going to reach out to Katsuki. Life was busy and it was better that way for his mind and heart. But best laid plans because Deku made an appearance home and again didn’t get in contact with Katsuki. And Katsuki would be damned if he was going to be the one to fold. His damn pride was at at stake. So much so that when he saw Deku in person he refused to go up to him and talk. The final straw was when he finally worked up the nerve and Shoto beat him to the punch. Poor Katsuki and his broken heart.

I’m sure that Izuku’s reasons for leaving the country were for the best. That was probably his way of getting space and time to think. If only these knuckleheads would just TALK TO EACH OTHER!! Well, let’s see how the next three chapters go.

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