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Review: “Claim Me”

Claim Me is an Omegaverse BKDK Alternate Universe story by ScientificallySinful (VampireGaaraCheesepuffs). Katsuki is an Alpha and the #3 Pro-Hero. Izuku is an Omega and the #2 Pro-Hero. The two have a long-standing arrangement of sparring at night to keep pushing each other forward. I loved the line “Only one person lacked even the most fundamental means of self-preservation and would be willing to text Katsuki after 10 pm.” So very canon. LOL

On one such night we find out that Izuku is spooked by some event he doesn’t want to talk about and is determined that he must be Claimed to protect himself from Alpha Orders. And he’s asked Katsuki to be the one to do it. Katsuki is understandably against it as Claiming is not a societal normal anymore and even if it was Katsuki and Izuku aren’t in a relationship. There isn’t anything romantic between them, they’re just rivals. After Izuku’s persistence and the two of them talking through his fears, Katsuki agrees to the one-sided Claim. That scene was so well described that I could imagine seeing what Izuku saw during the experience.

True to Masaru’s, Katsuki’s father’s, warning the Claim had some unintended side effects. Surfacing any sexual feelings the two may have had buried in their subconsciouses. Izuku’s battle with Katsuki’s hoodie was hilarious. LOL

This incarnation of Ochako annoys me. As Izuku’s Beta best friend she worries about him but she’s too involved in his life and oversteps. She repeatedly questioned his decision to ask Katsuki (at some point you have to let people live their lives) and even told others (Shouto) about what he was planning. That really crossed the line. That was Izuku’s business to share. I had a smug smile on my face in chapter 12 when she wondered why he never told her about going through with it. “He probably didn’t tell you because he knew you’d do this shit, hounding him with questions or whatever.“

After re-reading the 12 available chapters I think I’m finally seeing the connection between what Katsuki felt from Izuku through the Claim connection and the case that the Heroes had been investigating. Now, I’m anxious to see what happens in chapter 13.

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