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Review: Chance

Chance by Rainbow__Dinosaur is a BKDK fanfic set in the canon universe in their third year at UA. Currently, the story is 16 chapters in.

Izuku and Katsuki have been involved in a friends with benefits thing since their first year. It’s a private arrangement between the two of them. I will say that the violent way that they got together in their first year kind of made my stomach turn. But anyway, they’re in their third year now and are sleeping together several times a week. Enter Eijirou who is now interested in Izuku. Unknowingly, interested in the same guy that your best friend is bangin’??!!! EEK! Katsuki goes through a possessive and jealous phase but eventually he decides that it’s time to end their arrangement. His self-loathing pops up and he thinks that Eijirou is a much better match for Izuku. He makes this decision WITHOUT talking to Izuku because Katsuki and properly processing feeling is foreign a concept. Izuku and Katsuki had an amazing night together and then they FOUGHT! Rage/anger the only emotions that Katsuki feels comfortable with. My heart hurt over those two chapters of them fighting. They didn’t speak to each other for almost TWO MONTHS! The poor babies. 😦 Separately, they both came to the realization that maybe they had been dating over the last 2-3 years. In their own weird wary. 

Izuku does his best to move his attention to Eijiro but the more I reread the more I start to think that Izuku is just touch starved and he sees things in Eijiro that he didn’t get from Katsuki. And if Katsuki had had those qualities along with everything else that Izuku already loved about him then Eijirou would never have stood a chance. Sad but Eijirou is a really just a rebound/substitute. It comes across in the way that Izuku wants to move way TOO FAST in intimate acts with Eijirou. Eijirou barely knows basic things like Izuku’s favorite ice cream flavor but Izuku wants to take him to bed. Eijirou knows it’s too fast but he’s so intoxicated by Izuku that he lets things happen. Katsuki is also not processing the breakup well and freaks out when he thinks that Izuku and Eijirou are sleeping together. And let’s be real, at that point they’ve done everything but penetration. 

Eijirou, bless his heart, is trying to take things slowly (although painfully) and other than cuddling, it was two months between their first and second dates. Eijirou for all of his interest in Izuku, I wonder if he’s also just looking for a replacement. He was with Tetsu for two years and thought it was more serious than it was. He looks at Izuku and sees beautiful innocence but being in Katsuki’s circle and not Izuku’s he really doesn’t KNOW Izuku. I think he’s falling in love with the IDEA of Izuku and not the real person. How else could he squash his suspicions about Katsuki and Izuku?! How could he not ask DIRECT questions about their involvement that could have gotten him the truth. Half of the dorm knew what was happening in Izuku’s room either directly from hearing or secondhand but Eijiro did his damndest to NOT see what was in his face. (Dumb dumb Denki thought he was so funny when he mouthed off at Katsuki on a morning after. He learned to not do that again.) Not to victim blame though since there’s enough to go around. While Eijirou willfully looked away, Katsuki and Izuku were NOT upfront. They could have hid what they had going on while still not letting Eijirou get involved. It was wrong of Izuku to string Eijirou along on a date and then be with Katsuki the same night. Even Mina warned him that it wasn’t right.

With graduation coming, the graduation photo shoot was another moment where these three (well Katsuki and Izuku in particular) needed to be honest about what was going on. Izuku and Katsuki lost themselves in an intimate moment in front of the photographer. Tickling, giggling, flirting and almost kissing caught on camera!! They need to resolve whatever the hell is going on before the magazine comes out. Cause if Izuku and Eijirou do pursue a relationship Ei will be DEVASTATED when the photos come out. And maybe feel that Izuku is like Tetsu and only wanted him for sex.

With the latest chapter, chapter 16, I sat down with a cup of coffee and was NERVOUS!!! The chapter had 8000+ words, was set at their graduation ceremony and told from Eijirou’s point of view. As the top students in Class 3-A Katsuki AND Izuku both gave speeches because there was a minuscule difference (0.5 points) between their ranks. And off the break the chapter hit me in the gut “They’re two of his closest friends, he figures that they would never lie to him. Friends don’t lie to each other about important things..right?” Poor Eijirou. Yes, they are lying to you by omission. UGH! So, let’s keep going. Maybe there’s some foreshadowing of a chance at happiness for Eijirou. He thought to himself how Shinsou was handsome and made him blush, so maybe? MAYBE?! In a previous chapter Izuku mentions that his speech has Katsuki’s name in it a lot but I wasn’t ready. These two basically wrote love letters to each other!!!! Eijirou was so uncomfortable with their speeches and interactions (Izuku and Katsuki hugged intimately while Izuku cried into his chest) and still chose to live in denial land. I really want better for him. Katsuki’s and Izuku’s affection for each other is suspicious and Eijirou should pull back. But he wants to be involved with Izuku so badly.  He so badly wants Izuku to be his “future boyfriend.” SIGH.

Side note: I’d love to read from Katsuki and/or Izuku’s point of view and know what the two said to each other in the instances that Eijirou couldn’t hear. I found it interesting that Katuski and Izuku had similarities in their vests: Katsuki with orange, red and gold explosion designs and Izuku with a black vest with gold and red accents. I wonder if Katsuki’s parents designed their graduation outfits. And also, that cute bunny pin Izuku wore. Where did that come from?  Anyway, Katsuki and Izuku have a A LOT of history together and that makes Eijirou uncomfortable. Step back young man!!!!! Sigh, the graduation party at Katuski’s house is going to be a doozy.

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